Here’s what we typically get asked…

What are the benefits of robotic mowing?

Mowing everyday, taking a small piece off the top each time, is the best way to have a green, healthy lawn. Letting the robot do this for you lets you spend more time doing the things you enjoy!  Read this study or watch this video to see a comparison of robotic mowing cut quality and impact on turf compared with traditional rotary mowers.

Are the mowers safe?

Yes. Traditional rotary mowers are heavy and have a large blade that rotates at a high speed and requires an operator to be near them at all times, leading to ~6400 injuries a year in the US.  There has not been a recorded safety incident with a robotic mower yet, and they are equipped with blades offset from the edges, collision sensors, and automatically turn off when lifted.  As they are specifically designed to cut grass and are have blades that retract when hitting a hard object, they don’t have the same shearing force of a traditional mower that can cut off hands and feet.

Can I buy a robotic mower instead of using the service?

Yes. Although we typically offer robotic mowing as a service, you can also buy the mower from us, which includes the installation. The entry cost is $2300+ (including installation) and we strongly recommend adding your new mower to your homeowners insurance policy. In order to confirm the model that will work best on your lawn, we schedule a site inspection to take measurements and walk your property. There is a $75 charge for the site inspection that will be credited to your account if you decide to move forward with our services.

Are robotic mowers noisy?

No. They are quiet enough to mow at night without disturbing anyone.

How do robotic mowers impact the environment?

All of our mowers run on batteries so they generate no direct emissions. Energy consumption is extremely low. Exact cost depends on the size of your lawn and is usually <$11 per mowing season for a residential property. Solar charging stations are available as well, giving you an option for an emission free mowing.

How does this style of mowing affect allergies?

Robotic mowing is great for allergy sufferers! First, you aren’t exposed to allergens or pollen since you don’t have to be physically present to mow your lawn. Second, the grass is kept short so plant allergens do not become airborne. Third, robotic mowers do not kick up dust or pollen when they mow. Fourth, since the robotic mowers are completely battery powered, there aren’t any harmful emissions that agitate asthma or other chronic respiratory conditions.

How long does a robotic mower installation take?

Duration varies depending on yard size and other factors like crossing sidewalks and driveways. We recommend budgeting 2 to 5 hours, but you do not need to be home. Our professional installers will stay in contact throughout the installation.

How do I start and stop the mower?

Your mower will be connected to our network so depending on the situation, we can start and stop it remotely. To manually stop your mower, press the orange button. Most models require a 4-digit pin code to resume mowing.

Do the wires need to be buried in the ground?

Not necessarily, although we recommend it to prevent the mower from accidentally cutting its wire. The city and utility companies mark all relevant wires and pipes in advance of the installation. Even though we don’t dig that deep, we follow this procedure out of an abundance of caution.

What happens if I forget my mower’s pin code?

Call us!

Do the mowers make my lawn look greener and healthier?

Yes. Your mower cuts your grass every day, taking a fraction of an inch off at a time. The clippings are unnoticeable and decompose in the soil, eliminating the need for thatching that other mowing methods require. The result is a greener, fuller, healthier lawn.

Why do the mowers use multiple cutting patterns?

Mowing grass from different directions is the most reliable way to cover the whole yard, giving an even carpet-like look to your lawn.

What is the maximum mowing area one mower can handle?

44,000 square feet (~1.25 acres) depending on the model and yard’s complexity.

What if my yard is larger than 1.25 acres?

Two or more mowers can work together. They each have their own charging stations, schedules and mowing zones.

Can the robotic mowers handle all lawn shapes and sizes?

Yes. Before your installation, we will review areas that the mower should avoid like flower beds, bushes and water features.  The key limitiations tend to be water features and steep slopes in transition areas of the yard.

Will the mower work if my lawn is uneven?

We recommend filling gaps and holes in the yard before starting the mower.

Does the mower work in tight spaces?

Yes, depending on the model, our mowers can handle passages as narrow as 24 inches.

Can the mower detect objects such as toys?

It will not detect small objects so we recommend keeping your lawn free of clutter while the mower is scheduled to work to avoid damage to your belongings.

How does the mower handle pine cones or fruit on the ground?

Depending on the model, average-size pine cones and crab apples do not disrupt the mowing process, but they will wear out the blades faster and can trigger the collision sensors, leaving areas of the yard unmowed. To minimize mower disruptions, we recommend raking your yard and collecting pine cones and crab apples regularly.

Will the mower harm my flowerbed or vegetable garden?

No. Boundary wires will be professionally installed to prevent the mower from entering any area that should not be mowed.

Does the mower cut very long grass?

Our robotic mowers work every day so grass will never have an opportunity to grow long. Grass should be cut with a traditional lawn mower within 48 hours prior to the robot taking over.

Does the mower cut grass in the rain?

Yes, however we park our mower during extreme weather conditions.

Does the mower work in very hot conditions?

Our mower are designed to function in temperatures up to 113ºF.

Do robotic mowers work in small/big yards?

Yes. Mowing times are customized to suit your yard size.

Can children play on the lawn when the mower is working?

All of our mowers have built-in safety features so the blade will automatically stop if the mower is lifted or turned over. The mower also stops and turns around when it encounters an obstacle.  They have a 3-inch barrier that prevents fingers and toes from reaching the blades while operating. But it is important to remember THESE ARE NOT TOYS. Please be cautious and make sure children do not play with the mowers.

Are there any anti-theft features?


  1. Our robotic mowers can not be used without a personal pin code.
  2. The installation lock prevents it from functioning on any other installation other than your own.
  3. A loud alarm sounds if the mower is carried outside of its boundary and requires a pin code to top.
  4. GPS communication units include a GPS tracker for most models.

Are robotic mowers dangerous to cats and dogs?

No. In our experience, pets leave the mower alone. Built-in sensors will also redirect the mower if it runs into an object such as a pet.

How often do the blades need to be changed?

It depends on the type of grass and frequency of mowing, but blades typically need to be replaced every 2-3 months. This service is included at no additional cost for all Solawna customers.

Do I need to store my mower inside during the winter?

Yes. Once the grass has stopped growing, your mower and charging station will be cleaned, dried and stored indoors until spring. We prep the mower installation for winter free of charge for our  customers and offer storage options for an additional fee if you don’t have room in your home or garage.